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Blockchain starts with a hash brand.

About us.

The hash brand is a company with many professionals
with development experience and background.
We provide services easily and quickly
through various development technologies
such as Blockchain, NFT, Defi, and Platform.

  • 1 Our Mission

    We will produce results.
    It is important to work hard, but so is the result.

  • 2 Our Goals

    We aim to be the best lunch pad
    for domestic and international Web 3.0.

  • 3 Why Us?

    We are a company with experts from various fields.
    Enjoy a successful transition to Web 3.0 with a skilled professional.

End-to-End Solution


Project Consulting

Leverage successful experience data from building and operating successful projects to consult on project design directions to meet customer needs.


To complete the designed project, experts with various development experience and skills such as Blockchain, NFT, Defi and Platform will develop it.


In addition to universal marketing methods, we utilize the marketing know-how of hash brands to plan and effectively market effective public relations in the blockchain market.

Create/Manage Communities

FBased on community building and successful operational experience using a variety of channels, we have users who can continue to support us as well as just users.

Latest News

What we did

What we did
21 july 2022
Listed on the world's top 10 global exchanges
First Clayton chain token to be listed on DigFinex, the world's top 10 global exchange
21 july 2022
No. 2 on the world's largest exchange
No. 2 in Clayton Chain Ranking on NFT Exchange OpenSea
25 Aug 2022
Global advancement
Partnership with a global exchange with 95% of the cryptocurrency market in Thailand